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It would be great if we can insert all three types of review links:

1) individual verified product review link (this already exists). eg/. {{ product_url }}
2) loop through all products and render a verified product review link (same as above but for all products in the order)*
3) store review verified buyer link*

* These two are similar to functionality in the multi-review template, but this would allow us to select the combination we want and custom email design to align with our business.

For verified buyers, something like...

{{ single_product_review }}
{{ multi_product_reviews }}
{{ store_review }}

Even better if the placeholder code above only generated the URL, allowing us to create the layout we want. Eg/ we insert…

{{ product-loop }}
{{ multi_product_review_image_url }}<br />
<a href="{{ multi_product_review_link }}">Review {{multi_product_review_title }}</a><hr />
{{ end product-loop }}

Or there is an admin multi-product widget, that you can configure

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Under consideration

Comments: 1

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