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Hey guys, it would be great if the Review Request Reminders had a couple of additional configurable options. I've listed a few suggestions below that would be really helpful...

1) Reminders currently send the exact same message again, which feels a little bit like an error / demanding / a little impersonal. It would be great if we could optionally do the following...
a) Prepend "Reminder: " to the beginning of the subject or set a different email suibject for the reminder
b) Insert an optional sentence to the beginning of the email (inserted in the position of choice using a variable), so you can politely add something extra to encourage your customers to submit a review.

2) Would be great if we could set reminders to go out X days before the end of the current month

Thanks for considering them!

Suggested by: Adam Upvoted: 20 Jul, '18 Comments: 1

Under consideration

Comments: 1

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