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First, thank you for the Twitter push feature. This is a great step for businesses.

It's almost always best to get as much content into a tweet as possible, as this makes impressions much more likely. One of the best ways to get content into a review tweet is by using the {{ review_body }} variable. However, there is one problem: if the review body causes the tweet to be longer than 280 characters, the tweet results in an "unknown error" and cannot be posted.

Please make it so that all tweets are trimmed to 280 characters so that they can be pushed, after all variables are translated into their content. Better yet, trim them to 277 characters and finish with a ... at the end to imply there's more if they click the review link.

This would greatly improve the functionality of the twitter push feature, which right now is limited to fairly small tweets that can't include {{ review_body }} or else they risk not being tweeted due to size error.

As always, thank you.

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Comments: 1

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