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Shopper Jane buys five items from my physical store, offline. I add the purchases to the manual review request CSV file and upload it. I input the date that the purchase occurred so that Jane should receive her review requests 14 days later (or however it's set in Judge.Me).

14 days later Jane gets spammed with five review requests all at the same time. Not good. This is the way the system works currently.

Suggestion: Have the maximum requests setting (for example, 3 most expensive items) and the offset request setting (for example, second request 3 days later, third request 3 days after that) all apply automatically to manual purchase requests where the "fulfilled_at" column is used. They can be grouped via e-mail address & purchase date.

I'm actually surprised that this isn't currently the case. Please give a higher priority to offline review functions. Those of us with stores or who sell at markets, festivals, or trade-shows absolutely need these critical functions. Thank you.

Suggested by: Andrew Upvoted: 27 Nov, '18 Comments: 0

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