Coupons automatically generated for reviews within WooCommerce

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When a customer leaves a review on WooCommerce, the plugin should be able to generate a coupon for them based on rules you previously set (eg. percentage amount, exclude categories, expiration date). It should then be sent to the customer via email.

I'm very surprised that doesn't do this already. It's a standard function of some other "coupon for review" plugins I've used for WooCommerce (eg. YITH Review for Discounts).

So, the flow would go something like this:
1. sends an email prompting for a review.
2. Customer leaves review.
3. creates a one-off coupon in WooCommerce based off rules set by the user.
4. sends a thank you email to the customer, containing the coupon code.

Not planned Suggested by: Joel Upvoted: 26 Mar Comments: 2

Comments: 2