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We have just started using the auto generated coupons for rewards on both our stores, and we have all the options to fine tune the reward offer (1 time use, customer use only, min spend etc) but we would like the option to isolate the reward to a specific collection as well.

We have 2 auto generated collections:

ONSALE PRODUCTS - All products that are currently on sale with a slashed price
NOT ONSALE PRODUCTS - All products that are not on sale and don't have a slashed price.

The reward we offer is 5% Off their next purchase with a condition *offer can not be used on products that are already on sale and discounted in price. This effectively stops the customer turning for example a 10% off into a 15% off with the judge me coupon.

We would like the ability to isolate the reward to only be used on our collection "NOT ONSALE PRODUCTS"

If this feature could be added in that would be great :)

Suggested by: Stefan Upvoted: 11 Dec, '19 Comments: 1

Under consideration

Comments: 1

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