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The idea here is that I have a couple broad categories of customers, that I'd like Judge.me to treat differently depending on what kind of customer they are. Basically the idea is that you could group customers into some kind of meta-category that could have its own Conditions and Request templates. Some groups I could see:
- Recurring: Buys consumables (think like grocery or pharmacy/cosmetics) on a monthly basis. Would like a different template so could put a "also like..." banner in for other consumable products.
- Expensive: Buys only one or a few high ticket items
- Annoying: Not quite bad enough for the black list, but people who consume a lot of customer support time every time they are contacted. Would like to have special Conditions only to send requests for specific cases (e.g. order above $xxx etc)

The groups almost don't matter, since each business will have different requirements. But having custom Conditions/Request Templates per group could be handy!

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