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Add product images to all reviews page


The all-reviews page is great, but it's lacking images (only shows user uploaded images). Show PRODUCT main image if a user image is missing.

Suggested by: Stephen C.


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  • 14 Mar

    I've gotta vote for this one. I like the idea of promoting my "all reviews" page, but at the moment it isn't apparent which product each review is for.
    There is a tiny product title beneath each review, but a product image would go a long ways towards making this page better.

  • 20 Mar
    Moderator Admin

    One of our developers has worked on this feature and it's currently under QA review. We will deploy it soon.

  • 27 Mar

    Awesome! Looking forward to it :)

  • 11 Apr
    Moderator Admin


    This feature is done, product images can now optionally be added to the All Reviews page. To enable this feature, please see here:

  • 17 Apr

    Great job, Guys! Adds much more interest and helps with the buyers decision making! Kudos and thanks!

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