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Hi, I read a great many good things about, it does not seem to work with Prestashop, are there any plans in the near future for this? Or is there a way to use in on Prestashop?

Suggested by: Martijn Schrama

Under consideration

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  • 12 Feb
    Moderator Admin

    Hi Martijn,

    We have no immediate plans for the next few months to come to Prestashop. First we are going to develop more Shopify features, hence this new feature request board.

    That said, last quarter we spent a lot of time rewriting our code base so now the Shopify app runs on a platform independent API. This allowed us to develop our WooCommerce app in just six weeks. So the moment we shift or focus from more features to more platforms, things can go fast. Rough estimate: Late 2018.

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