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After purchase has taken place an automated email sent to customer asking to review the product?


A few companies are already doing this. Once a customer makes a purchase from your woo commerce store. After 2 weeks or so it would be great to have an automated email sent to that customer asking how their experience is with that product and if they would like to leave a review. Make it super easy for them to leave a review there and then. Maybe even offer them a coupon code for leaving a review? Be great to see a feature like this with Judge Me.

Suggested by: Adam


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  • 14 Feb
    Moderator Admin

    Hi Adam,

    These features exist already, in fact the automated review request email is the number one core feature of our app :)

    Please see "Review Request" tab in app settings to set the email template and the timing of the email (default is two weeks after fulfillment), please see the "Emails" dashboard to see which emails we are sending and when.

    For coupons, please see "Coupons" tab in the app settings.

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