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Increase page load speed


Love but in Google speed test I get a warning to leverage browser caching.

Suggested by: jesse bateson


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  • 01 Mar
    Moderator Admin

    Hi Jesse,

    The reason there is a warning "leverage browser caching" in Google Speed Test is not page load speed but the fact that we cache per 20 minutes instead of daily.

    We did so because we want our shops to see our app updates live asap.

    The warning isn't that bad but I can see how it scares shop owners. Therefore our CTO will update our CDN tomorrow to cache our JS file weekly, which will make the warning go away :)

  • 02 Mar
    Moderator Admin

    Our CTO Linh has updated our CDN to cache our JS files on a weekly basis now. The Google Speed Test warning is now gone.

  • 21 Apr
    jesse bateson

    Thank you :)

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