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Integration with Helpscout


Would be fantastic to be able to see what reviews a customer has left in our support software. We use HelpScout, so we're a little biased.

Suggested by: Patrick

Under consideration

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  • 15 Feb

    I would love to see an integration to Help Scout as well

  • 15 Feb
    Moderator Admin

    Hi Shannon,

    Thanks for the feedback. Please don't forget to upvote this feature request (see green "Upvote" button above) as feature requests are ranked on number of votes. Thanks!

  • 06 Mar
    Nate Evans

    HelpScout! I would love to see that integration happen!

  • 14 Mar

    It would be extremely helpful to be able to cancel review requests directly from Helpscout as well. For example, the ability to cancel a review request when receiving a negative email or a return request from a customer that has not already been sent a request.

  • 14 Mar

    I second Patrick's suggestion of being able to cancel review requests directly from Helpscout.

  • today
    Luke B

    Also use Helpscout and this would be ideal!

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