Product Q&A Grouping (like Product Reviews Groups but for Q&A)

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A customer Q&A question that we receive for a particular product can be very useful for other products too, so it would be great to be able to group these questions, similar to theproduct review grouping feature.

These 'Product Q&A groups' can quite often need to be different to the 'Product review groups', however, so it would need to be possible for merchants to choose between a few different automation settings, or simply to just manually select where each Q&A question should be appearing, at the moment when the question is replied to.

To give a very simple example of why different groupings can be needed:
We might want to group the reviews for all of the colours and material types we have for a certain bag, however, a customer might ask a very specific question about a particular colour or a particular material, and we would not want this displaying on all pages.

Under consideration Suggested by: Callum Upvoted: 01 Jun Comments: 20

Comments: 20