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Suggested by: Cristina


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  • 09 Mar
    Moderator Admin

    Hi Cristina,

    Do you mean WooCommerce, for which we already have a plugin, or do you mean you want to see some widgets to feature some or all reviews on Wordpress blogs for a given product or the entire shop?

  • 12 Mar
    Moderator Admin

    Hi Catrina,

    We didn't hear back from you, so we assume you asked for for WooCommerce rather than a widget to show reviews on Wordpress blogs. launched a WooCommerce plugin last month at so we mark this feature request as done.

    If you want to request a wordpress reviews widget for Shopify stores, please file another feature request. Thanks!

  • 12 Mar

    Hi! Thanks for your comments, but I was interested to request a WordPress reviews widget for Shopify stores. I'll fill in another request form. Thanks!

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