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In-email Review Form for Multi Review Email Template


Adding the ability to leave reviews directly in the Multi Review Email template like what you are able to do in the Single Review Template.

Suggested by: Stuart Kam

Under consideration

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  • 15 Mar
    Sue Ann

    Yes, Please! I'm specifically not choosing Multi Review email because of this. Felt Speed & Ease most critical to get client to leave a review immediately & for us all to be done immediately! I tested both & while it didn't take terribly long to load the page to leave a review from a multi form, it was just enough I know there's a chance of losing someone.

  • 20 Mar

    Sue Ann said it perfectly. It’s just an additional step that might make some people not want to leave a review. It’s hard enough as is to get customers to leave reviews within the email, lol.

  • 23 Mar

    Yes, this would be great!!!

  • 07 May

    This is so needed. The multi-review template is basically useless for us in it's current state.

  • 08 May

    "Create an Email Template for Multiple Products" (suggested by Linda on 2018-05-07), including upvotes (1) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 08 May

    absolutely need this..

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