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On the back end of Judge.me, it seems it times the sending of the review-request based off of when the order has been "fulfilled".

I think this is an “ok” measuring of time, but would it not make more sense to base it off of when the package has been delivered? Shopify is pulling in info showing a package as “in transit” or “delivered.” This would help eliminate any issues with the post office taking a long time to deliver a package and a customer receiving a review request prior to them even receiving it, since we’re simply ball-parking the timing of the delivery based on when it's been fulfilled.

Secondly, we also sell digital products, so, at least for us, it would have to be something like, “If order shipping is required, the first review request goes out ‘x’ days after order status is ‘delivered’” and “If order shipping is not required (i.e., was a digital product immediately sent), the first review request goes out ‘x’ days after order fulfillment.”


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Comments: 2

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