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Have option to break infinite scroll of / add pagination to all reviews page


The ALL reviews page only offers infinite scroll and at this stage is not possible to break the page into multiple sessions.
This can cause some UE dissatisfaction as it takes a considerable amount of time to reach footer on mobile devices.
They should offer the possible to break the page and have a Read more button so that customers can add more reviews if they wish to do so.

Suggested by: Sandra Telfer

Under consideration

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  • 11 Apr
    Moderator Admin

    Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for the feature request. Note that if a visitor wants to leave a review from the All Reviews page, this is done from the header part of the All Review page, so there is no need to stop the infinite scroll to leave a review.

  • 08 May
    Jessie Merged

    Would like to be able to split up the All Reviews page into paginated results what you can choose how many per page.

  • 08 May

    Would be nice to be able to paginate this page as well.

  • 08 May

    "Add Pagination Options for the All Reviews page" (suggested by Jessie on 2018-05-08), including upvotes (1) and comments (0), was merged into this suggestion.

  • 31 May

    We have a few hundred reviews and adding pagination is absolutely necessary. Without it, it's an endless scroll to the footer. Hope you can add this feature! Please and thank you.

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