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This is a very important feature for many of us out there - especially for us who have frequently returning customers. The ability to auto-exclude previous customers from active review request set ups is important for many reasons.
We want to be able to offer a substantial discount as an incentive for first time customers to leave a review (50 %) - we have noticed that it's a major success factor and increases the value of the Judgeme app. When customers return and use their 50 % discount we cannot have them receive the same email with a 50% discount again - that would erode our margins and can be perceived as spam . A solution would be to be able to have two active templates where the first one only applies to first time customers, and the second to returning. Another option for a one active template only solution is to automatically add customers to the black list. Today it's possible to add customers manually to the black list but for larger scaled businesses this is unmanagable.

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Comments: 2

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