Add Integration With Vend POS

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We want to be integrated with Vend POS cloud software so that orders placed at our retail outlet through Vend POS are automatically synced with and more reviews content is collected to showcase on our Shopify website.

This would also facilitate our retail outlet customers to earn an automatic discount coupon through if they submit a product review for the products they have purchased in store. Currently, we have implemented this on our Shopify website.
We would let our customers avail this discount coupon either on our Shopify or retail outlet.

It is a very tedious process to create and upload a CSV to manually send review requests to retail outlet customers through

Currently, Vend POS is integrated with your rival app Yotpo as described on the following link:

so we hope can also integrate with Vend POS in near future

Under consideration Suggested by: Nasir Upvoted: 05 May Comments: 2

Comments: 2