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Add poss. to review multiple products in the same email (1 text box/product) + Overall store review


I think it the conversion % of reviews in an order containing more than 1 product would be increased dramatically if customers would be able to review each product in the same mail. So each product would have their own text-box, as well as an overall store review. (Shipping time, product offering, customer service etc.)

Suggested by: Sebastian


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  • 16 Feb
    Moderator Admin

    We have started working on this feature today :)

  • 14 Mar
    Moderator Admin

    We have deployed the Multi Review Email Template a few minutes ago. You can select the new email template here:

  • 02 Apr

    Please see OP's original request, there's a lot of stuff in their request that isn't in the muti review template (most importantly, the text boxes) but this is now marked as 'Done'. What's the timescale for the other stuff?

  • 02 Apr
    Moderator Admin

    Hi Callum,

    We indeed implemented the Multi Review Email Template without in-email review form.

    We found a Multi Review Email Template with in-email review form overwhelming in terms of look and feel. We believe without in-email review form the multi review email template may work better.

    There is now a separate feature request to add in-email review forms to the Multi Review Email Template:

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