Trim plugin's javascript to increase mobile performance

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Your reviews app is really awesome and support is fantastic. But there’s one thing which is not so good – your script is really heavy. It’s 84 KB, which accounts for 1/3 of my JS. Although it barely affects speed on desktop, we have another situation on mobile. In Google PSI which uses Moto G4 simulation for their benchmarks your widget adds 0.5 sec of script evaluation time – around 1/4 of all script evaluation time which I think is too much for reviews plugin.
Also I checked your competitors widget – it’s size differs from 20 to 45 Kb, which shows that lower size is absolutely possible. Please consider trimming your JavaScript.
Also AFAIK around 30 KB out of 84 KB is JQuery library which is already loaded by many sites. At least give us possibility to load js without JQuery. This move alone will make file 30% smaller.

Under consideration Suggested by: Oleg Upvoted: 02 May Comments: 1

Comments: 1