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Google Seller Ratings: Would like to see shop reviews in paid google ads


It'd be beneficial to be able to show the ratings in google adwords.

Suggested by: Marco

Under consideration

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  • 14 Mar

    This is very necessary and should be included. Huge for Paid ad conversions! I have been waiting for this to do paid ads.

  • 18 Mar

    Would love to see this feature and help my store BIG TIME stand out even more in it's #1 and #2 spots on Google agains the ads above that have it, and our competitor in the #3 spot that has it from a different review service. Really puts our store at a disadvantage, especially to customers searching specifically for a purchase.

    Very necessary feature for us.

  • 23 Mar

    I contacted google and they said that needs to have an approved partnership with google - this can be applied for here

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