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Suggested by: Kristi

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  • 14 Mar

    Yes! We have an automated series that would work great with this

  • 14 Mar
    Moderator Admin

    Hi Kat,

    Can you elaborate a bit more on how exactly you'd like us to integrate? You want us to send a trigger to MailChimp to send a specific email template for given order data?

    Would love to go into specifics so we can understand the exact use cases desired here. Thanks!

  • 03 Apr
    Jack scrimshire

    My suggestion for this as well as my klaviyo integration would be that we can use a similar template as yours (with the star ratings, review box, etc.) sent directly from the ESP as part of an established automated flow, but when the user clicks the “send review” button it will direct them to the same screen as it currently does, where they can edit their review and add photos, and mark them as a verified purchaser. I’m not sure if this is as simple as using a particular html button or what

  • 08 Apr

    Actually could see this with Klyavio too. Different review emails depending on the product

  • 10 Jul

    For me would work best to say: If customer left 4 or 5 star review auto add them to a certain list. If customer left 3 star or below review add them to another list. I would then set up a different chain of emails based upon the list a customer was in. Very useful to get repeat orders for good reviews and also to win back negative reviewers.

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